21 positive things to take away from 2020

What are you taking away from 2020?

We know that 2020 was tough. And that most of us were more than pleased to see the end of it. But before we rush to get going in 2021, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the good things that 2020, taught us.

After speaking with the Inside Stylists members throughout last year, both Emma and I were in awe of how strong, resilient and determined our community was. They reached out to support one another and did their best to carry on – despite work being cancelled or postponed. We couldn’t let the collective wisdom of our wonderful group of interior stylists, writers and assistants remain unsaid and so we reached out to ask if they would share one thing that they learnt during 2020. Here they are …

Helen Stone

Sue Moore

Jennifer Morgan

Stella Ajao

Ysanne Brooks

Aurélien Farjon


Sara Bird


Jane Berry

Emily Wheeler

Alison Davidson


Joanna Thornhill

Natasha Jackson

Jenny Branson


Mihaela Berbecar

Bella Dunne


Gemma Gear


Marie Nichols

Charlotte Boyd

Claire Parkin


Pippa Jameson


What was your best lesson from 2020?

Reading the above, it’s clear to see that 2020 brought some big changes for us all. The extra time we had to pause and reflect certainly had an impact. It’s impressive to see all that achieved during such a tough time too. I’m excited to see how we take that forward into 2021 and continue to grow.

We have LOTS planned for Inside Stylists in 2021, so make sure you keep checking in and stay up to date with all that’s going on. And if you’re in the world of interior styling and writing, why not come and join us?  We’re a really friendly bunch. You can subscribe here. Follow us on Instagram @InsideStylists and of course, become a member yourself right here!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021!

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