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There’s a good chance you’ve landed on this page after seeing myself and Nicola Snell presenting our talk

5 tips to maximise product photography for PR and E-commerceat Top Drawer. Hello. Welcome. 

As promised here are the links to all the ways Inside Stylists can help you with your brand photography and more! 


7 ways Inside Stylists can help YOU!


01 The Insider’s Shoot Studio 

If you’re looking to find out more about getting your products shot by The Insider’s Studio please click here

You can send your products to our stylists who will work with professional interiors photographers to get you the branding shots you need. We shoot in our beautiful houses so there’s no fee for locations. Find out more here 


02 Find an Interior stylist   

If you’re looking to hire an Interior Stylist or Assistant for your shoot or a writer to help with anything from website copy to press releases and social media content click on the links below. You’ll be able to have a look at all our experienced members and find all their contact details. 

Select below to see the Stylists, Writers and Assistants profile pages



03 Sign up to one of our TWO new online courses 

Interior Styling Workshop course with Emma Morton-Turner founder of Inside Stylists: Launching 20th September 

Inside Stylists online courses

In this three-week course, you’ll spend two hours each week learning the styling tips and tricks of professional interior stylists. Each session comes with a lesson and then a practical and detailed workshop. You’ll be set a styling challenge each week and will be critiqued the following week. There will be a bonus week four video for you to see all the student’s final styling challenges. 

To find out more and book with the TopDrawer discount click here  



Style your BRAND online course: Launching 20th October Inside Stylists online courses

This weekly released course will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your first shoot, how to plan and prop, find the right location, style so your products are the hero in the shot, work with photographers, ensure that your shots are what magazines are looking for and much much more.

To find out more and book with the TopDrawer discount click here  


04 Want a 1:2:1 consultation with Emma Morton-Turner?   

Whether you want advice on your own styling career, help setting up your first, second or third shoot, or just want to talk about moving your brand’s photography forwards you can book a 90 minute 1:2:1 call with Emma here 

The Stylist members of Inside Stylists are also available to do 90 minute 1:2:1 styling advice on your shoots 

Read all about the calls and what you can expect. Book your call HERE 





05 Want to get your hands on my 5 Top Styling Tips  

If you’re styling up your own products and want a copy of my 5 Top Styling Tips Click here

5 styling tips cover page

06 Join the Inside Stylists Newsletter by clicking here

Stay up to date with everything Inside Stylists has going on including new launches, industry blog posts and podcasts and up and coming features.

07  Already got some great images and want to share them

If you were at Top Drawer 2021 you will have seen how amazing Pressloft is for getting your products and brand in front of the stylists and writers doing the shoots and features. If you want to sign up or get more info check out this link to see what you can gain by being on Pressloft.



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