10 things I’ve learnt interviewing Interior Stylists: Episode 033

10 things I’ve learnt interviewing Interior Stylists

Whether it’s how to work or the drive it takes – all interior stylists seem to have the same traits

This episode is all about the things I’ve learnt about the interior stylist friends I’ve interviewed for InsideStylists.com. I know all of them – and some for more than ten years, so it came as a surprise to see how driven and focused they all are. I had no idea.  Interior Stylists truly are an inspirational bunch. So have a listen and see if you can relate to the things I learnt. Do you agree. Are there more I should include? Let me know what you think.

Interior Stylists I’ve interviewed on this podcast include 

Charlotte Boyd: episode 3

Maxine Brady: Episode 7

Sara Bird: Episode 9

Abi Edwards Episode 11

Sophie Warren Smith Episode 14

Sally Denning: Episode 19 

Emily Dawe : Episode 20 

Alison Davidson: Episode 32

A few people mentioned in this episode :

Dilly Orme

Paula Woods

Charlotte Boyd

Annalisa D’eath


Listen to this weeks episode here or click on iTunes 

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  • Want to help the show or just say hello? We’d love you to comment below
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