How to hire an Interior Stylist :Podcast Episode #107

How to hire an interior stylist

How to hire an Interior Stylist & what they can do for you

It’s never been easier to hire an interior stylist to set up your shoot perfectly.  Whether you’re a small independent shop selling eco cleaning products, a big high street brand selling everything interiors or a little company that makes unique cushions, hiring an Interior stylist will add that something special to your shots. And shots make sales.

Today’s chat is with me, EmmaMT  

How I became an interior stylist Podcast Episode 101

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A few things we covered in this episode :

So there you have it. The checklist you need to find the right person to style your photoshoot.

If you want to source great Interior Stylists in one place check out the Stylist’s profile page where there are tons of profiles and examples of stylists’ work and experience as well as all their contact details.

Still got questions? Drop me a message and I’ll answer them.


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