Talking all things Copyright with Margaret Haig from the Intellectual Property Office : Podcast Episode 88


Talking All things copyright with Margaret Haig from the Intellectual property office

Talking all things Copyright 

with Margaret Haig from the Intellectual Property Office

Want to know what’s okay to shoot… and what’s not? Listen in

If there’s one question that comes up time and time again it’s

“What does the copyright law affect when it comes to shooting interiors?”.


There have been many worried stylists checking and then double-checking what is allowed to be included in both editorial and commercial shoots. Mainly due to the rumors about people being sued for sharing shots they have taken themselves of magazine features they’ve worked on – and then shared on social media. There’s also been lots of talk about percentages of images being shared being okay and in general, it’s all a bit confusing.

In today’s episode, I talk with Margaret Haig who is Head of Copyright Operations at The Intellectual Property Office. She kindly answered all the topics that worry the interior stylist and writer members of Inside Stylists when it comes to choosing art, what we can share as well as explaining exactly how we can make sure we’re not breaking any laws.

Listen in to get all the facts.


Today’s guest is: 

Margaret Haig, Head of Copyright Operations at The Intellectual Property Office

You can find more about copyright law here  –

 IPO website – 

Insta: @IPforBusiness

A few things we covered in this episode :

  • Design rights over lap with copyright
  • IPO makes the Law and guidance is as best as it can be in the real world
  • What to look out for

The member’s questions

  • Using art in photoshoots
  • What is copyrighted – original work like a painting, is it still protected?
  • How long copyrights last
  • General rule – the creator or rights holder has the right to stop you copying – publishing or sharing on the internet, blog or Instagram
  • Copyright exceptions – may or may not apply to your shoot.
  • Incidental inclusion  
  • Quotation exception
  • ASK for permission
  • What’s covered within  art and sculpture
  • Understanding whether you need permission
  • Prop house hire – are you liable or the prop house when it comes to copyright
  • Designer furniture – what needs permission to be used in a shoot?
  • What is a work of artistic craftsmanship
  • What to ask yourself before you include something in a shoot
  • Other things to remember
  • How to get permission to shoot a piece of “designer” furniture
  • Real home shoot – is it the stylist’s job to check the permissions in a real home shoot?
  • Sharing images of a  magazine on social media
  • Myth about pecentages
  • Greeting cards and giftwrapping –  are they considered works of art?
  • Including magazines in your own shots for shoots and social media
  • Is it worth having insurance to cover you against infringement of copyrighted items?
  • Ways to avoid copyright liability.
  • Questions to ask yourself before shooting anything


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