10 reasons you’ll love InsideStylists.com – in 10 minutes: Episode 038

Why you'll love interior stylists

 10 reasons you’re going to love InsideStylists.com 

 All the benefits of the website and why you should join

I’ve spent the last 37 episodes mentioning the InsideStylists.com website without really talking about what it’s all about.

Today, I talk about everything you can find on the site and the main benefits for the members and what you expect to see, read and learn from reading, listening and engaging.

If you’d like to join just visit insidestylists.com/



Today’s guest 

You can find here –

Website: www.InsideStylists.com

email: [email protected]

Insta:  @InsideStylists

A few things we covered in this episode :

  1. It’s all about community
  2. Promote, share and show – Interior stylists, writers and assistants have a place to promote what they do and show their work
  3. Find images in the Image Bank
  4. Shoot Services
    Prop hire
    shoot locations
    Event locations
    Set builders
    Web developers
    Bespoke Sewing
  5. Resources
    Blogging, Accountancy, Legal & insurance, Downloads
  6. This podcast
  7. The blog
  8. Pr Brand directory
    Share contact details for that brand, share links to brands look books, add links to your own image library, add listings to the event calendar.
  9. Press event calendar
  10. Events and Meetups

People mentioned in this episode

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