Talking all things colour and eco paint with Francesca’s Paints. Podcast Episode 126

Francesca Wezel from Francesca's paints


Talking all things colour and eco paint with Francesca’s Paints


Today’s guest is no stranger to colour. As one of the first people to develop truly eco paint 27 years ago, she now has a huge collection with hundreds of colours to choose from, from the softest whites to the brightest blues. After we met on a panel discussion I hosted for South Place Studios at the Fritz Fryer London Showroom I knew I had to have her on the podcast. Her passion for colour is infectious. I am delighted to have Francesca Wezel from Francesca’s Paints as my guest today.

Today’s guest is Francesca Wezel


Talking all things colour

You can find her here –

Insta: @FrancescasPaintsLtd

Website :



A few things we covered in this episode :

  1. Francesca’s studio in Battersea Business Centre
  2. Jocasta Innes Paint Magic 
  3. Breathability of walls
  4. Eco emulsion
  5. Francesca’s paints 241 paint colours 
  6. Francesca's Paints creating new colour
  7. These are my Sennen in Cornwall colours. This view from the sea when surfing. Absolutely incredible colours

    Sennen Surf Centre
    Image from @SennenSurfCentre Instagram
  8. Choosing the right colours
  9. How to apply limewash paint
  10. Wildflower Magazine





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