Spotlight on… new natural candle company Cocochi

Natural soy candles

Spotlight on … new natural candle company Cocochi

Oh my word! How much do you absolutely love finding a company via Instagram and then it turns out to be new, natural and run by two very lovely people doing so much more than just selling a product? That’s exactly what happened when I came across Cocochi. Their story’s different to most and the outcome is totally uplifting and inspiring and we are more than proud and happy to feature them on today’s Spotlight on feature.

We caught up with founders Karl and Angie to hear their story and how they’ve got to where they are so fast!


Tell us about you and your designs

Hello Stylists! We are Karl and Angie – two friends who are behind Cocochi. Here at Cocochi, everything we do is centred on creativity, comfort and community. We do this by creating bespoke fragrances that allow us to revisit those memories and the people who shaped them. We’re at the very beginning of our journey and you can shop our signature range of scented candles that will transport you to the wonderful memories and the stories of the people who shaped them. And the best bit… we only use the highest quality natural soy wax, with cruelty-free fragrance and essential oils, and clean-burning cotton wicks.

Spotlight on... Cocochi

Tell us about your brand

We are a brand borne out of personal tragedy. After our co-founders tragically lost their spouses, they sought creativity, collaboration and community as a way to learn to heal and to cope with living with grief. Candles played an integral part in their journeys, providing a symbolic sense of light, hope and remembrance. Thus, it only felt natural to name the company Coco & Chi— a combination of their spouses’ nicknames, as a lasting legacy and tribute. ⁣

Through our brand and through everything we do, we make it our aim to share our story to inspire hope and positivity to others. We want to inspire you to take a moment in the hustle and bustle of everyday to stay still and reflect on your special memories and the people who shaped them. ⁣


Tell us about your candles?

All of our scented candles are lovingly hand-poured into black matte jars— an elegant and minimal aesthetic to suit all types of homes. From the very beginning, we strived to create beautifully presented candles that can not only take pride of place in your homes, but that are also built to last. Making conscious choices about our environmental impacts is at the core of what we do – that’s why we carefully craft our scented candles in small batches, free from harmful ingredients.

Each scent has been created bespoke to Cocochi in the U.K and is inspired by memories of special places and the people who help shape them. We have 5 scents in our signature collection: Manor, Tuscan, Amble and Davana. Each one has been created to evoke special memories.  They retail for £24 and have a burn time of 30+hours. Proceeds from the sales of our candles goes to support Widowed & Young Charity – the only charity in the U.K to support young widows under the age of 50.

Spotlight on... Cocochi


What’s been the highlight of your brand so far?

I think it can only be the day we poured our first candle that burnt properly! After months and months of testing and trialling, it was a very profound and proud moment as well as the culmination of blood, sweat and a lot of tears. I think there is a thought that candle making is somewhat easy, we can assure you that it’s NOT! 🙂

Spotlight on... Cocochi

What’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?

This is a really hard one! I think there are lots of small mistakes that we’ve made along the way and are still making. We just ensure that we learn from our mistakes and try to move forward from them. I wish we could’ve said something exciting like how we came up with a fantastic scent that we created by accident! 🙂 Oh, I guess the time when we mixed two types of soy wax together and that was when we came up with our perfect proprietary Cocochi blend of 100% soy wax – it gives a clean, strong scent with gorgeous looking tops!


If you could collaborate on a line of candles with anyone, past or present, who would be your dream design partner?

Wow! What a question! I think we would, without a doubt, have to say HRH Princess Diana because throughout her life she epitomised everything that Cocochi is built to inspire – love, hope and comfort. We would create a ‘Flying Collection’ inspired by the wonderful places, people and scents encountered on her travels.

Which of your scents are most popular and why do you think that is?

Davana is a firm favourite! It is a delicate yet powerful scent inspired by the aroma of the davana flower, our DAVANA candle has a strong and unique fragrance. ⁣ With notes of orchard fruits, honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and oakmoss— this sweet, slightly citrusy scent with herbaceous, woody undertones draws on child-like wonder and takes it to new heights, and makes for the perfect refreshing addition to your home in the warmer months.

Spotlight on... Cocochi

Tell us about your workshops

We hold our own candle-making workshops in Liverpool and beyond. We invite you to talk scents, share memories and take part in a delightful and fun candle-making experience.

During our two and a half hour workshops, we will share with you our knowledge and passion, taking you step-by-step through the intricate candle- making process. Our workshops are suitable for complete beginners, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to take part.

It is a great opportunity to have fun trying new scents from our scent library, sharing stories and connecting with people. We encourage our attendees to take time out of their busy schedules to relax and get lost in the world of scents and creation! We also offer our workshops as part of team-building events, as well as for bridal showers, events and weddings!

Spotlight on... Cocochi

How does your bespoke service work?

Our bespoke is a fairly new service and one that we are really enjoying. Our clients can approach us with a brief for a custom scent. We will meet with them or talk via Skype and discuss what they would like and the sort of scents they are drawn to. We will have our scent notes with us so they can sample and find out the scent profile they want to create. We are not trained perfumers so we work closely with our perfumers to interpret the brief and to ensure that our scents are well balanced and long-lasting. We then come back with 3 potential ideas which we feedback to the client for them to choose from or amend etc.

What’s next?


This will be our first Christmas of the trade so we are really excited about this. We have lots of exciting scents and gift options for our customers and have the chance for people to create their own Christmas candle in our candle-making workshop. These candles make wonderful gifts for you and/ or a loved one. We are also looking for wonderful independent stores to champion and stock our beautiful candles. It is important to us to create awareness for the brand and also for our chosen charity. When we started this brand, we knew that we wanted to give back to a charity close to our hearts that helped us cope with our losses.

Spotlight on... Cocochi

Are you able to send out samples for shoots?

Absolutely, we are happy to send out samples for shoots and features.

Find Cocochi here


insta: @wearecocochi

email: [email protected]

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