Boosting our Pinterest knowledge with Jen Stanbrook : Podcast Episode 89

Boosting our Pinterest knowledge with Jen Stanbrook

Overwhelmed with how to get your pinning game up to scratch? Then listen on!

Jen Stanbrook has been the go-to leader in Pinterest for many years – in fact, we were sat next to each other during a press lunch and I told her then and there that I HAD to have her on the show. Roll on a few months and add in a worldwide pandemic and it was not quite how I would have planned it.

Jen was my first guest on the Facebook Lives I did during lockdown. She was Ace! She shared all her knowledge, answered everyone’s questions, and set us up to win when we pin!

Enjoy the episode

Today’s guest is Jen Stanbrook


You can find her here –

Insta: @Jenstanbrook 

Website : 

Sign up to Jen’s: Kickstart your Pinterest 5 day Challenge

Starts in January. Sign up here.


A few things we covered in this episode :

  • Find Jen’s Pinterest course, 1:2:1 sessions and Workshops here
  • How to promote yourself using Pinterest
  • Linking Pinterest and Instagram
  • Why it’s important to use the right size image
  • The 80/20 rule
  • What a “Fresh Pin” is.
  • Hashtags on Pinterest
  • Copyright on Pinterest
  • Impressions – Do they count?

“Impressions is fine but what want is clicks!”

Listen to this weeks episode here or click on iTunes 

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