10 things I’ve learnt about Pinterest that helped me reach 100,000 monthly views : Episode 051

  1. Pinterest is a long term game. The more you put in the more you get out. Pinning every day is the key to success. The general rule of thumb is 70/30 others content 70% and your own 30%. Pinterest likes you to use the platform and share the love.
  2. Boards & Profile Use keywords in your ‘about me’ description but make it short and snappy – 160 characters. Add good titles and keywords on each board.
  3. Start typing in the search box for the best words– what people are searching for will pop up as a good choice to call your boards.
  4. How to pin – Link every image to a website – obviously. Give it a good description using keywords. If you’re linking to your blog/website say that in the description – “Check it out over on InsideStylists.com.” Add hashtags – 20 max  – make them relevant – start typing after # it will come up
  5. Link your Instagram to your Pinterest account – set up a specific board oand pin where relevant – great way to get more people to your Insta account
  6. Get a business account so you can see analytics and what’s being shared, liked and clicked through on. Podcast images – Sarah Colson light for 2LG – so far has 9391 impressions (pinned 10 days ago)
  7. ‘Pin for later’ on blog posts. So people are encouraged to save your content for a later date and read it again.
  8. Use a scheduler tool like Tailwind. I use Later. Not sure if it’s Pinterest approved though. Tailwind is approved.
  9. Make the images work hard: Tall images work best. If they have words on even better.
  10. Pin regularly – 5 minutes a day is better than once a week for an hour. Mix up old and new content

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3 responses to “10 things I’ve learnt about Pinterest that helped me reach 100,000 monthly views : Episode 051”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I listened to the podcast on Tuesday and learnt so much! I’m very much a beginner in trying to increase my Pinterest reach – just 8k impressions a month but I’m going to put these tips into practice and see what happens! I’ll let you know how I get on…

    • Thanks Claire,
      It’s amazing what a 5 minute Pinterest session can do, but I’ve since slacked off and the numbers drop quickly too. I’m getting back into it this week. It’s a complete rabbit hole but seriously inspirational.

      Have fun


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