Pension Talk with Ellie Lister from Penfold Pensions : Podcast Episode 98

Pensions chat with Ellie Lister from Penfold Pensions

Pensions Chat with Ellie Lister from Penfold Pensions 

Freelancers: Want to know how to get an easy, modern pension? Listen up. 

Pensions! They’re a minefield if you don’t know how they work and if you’re a freelancer and have worked in-house at a number of different places – all with their own pension schemes, it’s doubly confusing.

That’s why I’m excited to bring Ellie Lister from Penfold Pensions who are experts in freelancer pensions onto the call today to explain it all in plain English. Ellie shares the way Penfold runs the perfect pension for those with irregular incomes – that’s us freelancers right? 

If you’re thinking about signing up with Penfold or moving your existing pension across to them I have an affiliate link bonus for you to use. Just add INSIDESTYLISTS to the referral code and you’ll get an additional £25 added to your pension. That’ll turn into squillions after a few years of compounding. 

Before we get started let me just remind you that as with all financial investments, capital is at risk and we are not financial advisors. Always do your due diligence


Today’s guest is Ellie Lister 

Pensions chat with Ellie Lister from Penfold Pensions


You can find her here –

Insta: @GetPenfold 

Website :

Pension calculator : GetPenfold.Com/Calculator 

A few things we covered in this episode :

  • 2:00 What is a pension
  • 4:20 Tax relief
  • 7:20 How pensions work
  • 13.10 Compound interest
  • 18:35 How much to pay into your pension?
  • 19:20 The pension calculator
  • 21:10 How to transfer previous pension pots
  • 30:00 I’m nervous about losing my pension if my old company goes bust
  • 31: 00 Is a pension really the best option?
  • 40:30 The affiliate referral code is INSIDESTYLISTS

Listen to this weeks episode here or click on iTunes 

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