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Hi there, I’m Nicoline
My creative journey started a long time ago when I left Denmark to train in theatre and stage design (B’ham and at the Slade) from there I freelanced which then led to working for Gisela Graham styling products in the showroom, retail and at trade fairs (I think I must have dressed at least 100 Christmas trees at Selfridges and various other places).
I then moved on to the Tussauds studios where I ran the model room as well as designing for them (and loving it) life then threw a couple of curve balls (doesn’t it always!) and I had a some years away from creative work.

The creativity eventually took me back in a different route to product development, product styling and photography as well as some creative writing for a few craft and wedding magazines while setting up and running Pipii, a design-led eco-friendly party company for 11 years.

During lockdown I set up The Danes and whilst I am still involved in the brand styling and photographing of products there, I am really longing and looking to return to styling on a larger scale so very much hoping there will be one of you who will find me useful as an assistant, and whether this is for wrapping 100’s of xmas presents for a shoot, organising products to and from site or repainting that wall for the 3rd time, I’m equally happy.

Whilst working in the set and theatre industry, I worked freelance for set builders like Bailey Redman, did a stint at the B’ham rep as a scenic artist, and just to mention some of the exciting projects I worked on: dressing the great GLC building for a giant masquerade ball, painting backdrops for the James Whale show and other TV studios and music videos. I built scenery and made lots of costumes for a couple of productions a Jermyn Street theatre as well as making period costumes for Elgar world premiere of The Spanish Lady so as you can probably tell, I am as comfortable with a pair of scissors or a sewing machine as I am with a jigsaw or a glue gun.

I currently also run workshops in crepe paper flower making, wreath making and Scandinavian paper crafts. So am also very happy to supply any such pieces for shoot props too.

As a self-starter, I’m used to think on my feet, can generally source most things (including Xmas trees in the summer) and am a very hands on person. I hand sketch all my shoot preps but can use more techie software and apps (if you twist my arm).

I am based in between Brighton and London (East Grinstead), happy to travel and generally available at short notice.
Other than that I am night owl and big tea drinker. I count in Danish but dream in English.

The website attached is for The Danes because it is what have most recently worked on. And my IG account is just me and my paper flowers at the moment. I hope that I can help one or two of you to assist with anything and am very happy to chat more, answer any question or send images of previous work.

Thank you for having me here, Nicoline

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