Really getting to grips with colour with Karen Haller : Episode 73


Karen Haller Applied colour psychologist

Really getting to grips with colour

with Karen Haller

So, you think you know about colour? 

Think again! I thought I knew all about how colour effects interiors. I mean, I’ve been an interior stylist for 19 years and I’ve created countless room sets and produced hundreds of mood boards. But it wasn’t till  I sat down to talk with Applied Colour psychologist Karen Haller, number one best selling author of “The Little Book of Colour. How to use the psychology of colour to transform your life” by Penguin Life that I really got it on a personal level.

Karen’s a leading international authority in the field of colour specialising in business brand colour, interiors, healthcare and wellbeing. She studied colour for over 20 years so she really understands how it affects us, influences us and how colour can be used to influence positive behaviour. She’s consulted on big name brands including Farrow & Ball, Dove, Fiat, and Ascot RaceYou may have seen her sharing her Colour Intuition™ system at Grand Designs LIVE, sharing her theories during Clerkenwell Design Week or when she co-curated the series of colour talks at 100% Design.

As if that’s not enough she’s also a British Interior Institute of Design (BIID) Industry Partner and CPD Provider, a former trustee and committee member of the Colour Group of Great Britain, and on the advisory board of the charity Colour Cares.

She’s just released The Little Book of Colour. How to use the psychology of colour to transform your life” by Penguin Life. I’m thrilled to introduce to you today’s guest Karen Haller.


After reading the book and understanding how colour affects our choices, mood and how we decorate I have a completely new outlook on so many things and so will you. Karen’s book is more than just an outline of which colour creates a happier mood. It’s a much deeper level that will have you chucking out half your wardrobe and planning a whole new decorating scheme for your home.

Interested? Then listen on!

Today’s guest

You can find here –


Insta:  @Karen_Haller_Colour 

The Book: The Little Book of colour on Amazon

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A few things we covered in this episode :

  • Angela Right – The beginners guide to colour psychology 
  • Karen’s Events and Colour Workshops
  • Spring – Yellow based delicate colours – not pastels. Playful – external energy – childlike energy
  • Summer – energy – heat/haze so energy of colours have a softness, muted washed out from the sun – blue-based cool colours with grey tones. Serene calm gentle introverted
  • Autumn. Last big burst – olive greens, rust yellow-based – rich colours – black colour added. Flamboyant, fiery, earthy people, external colour.
  • Winter  – withdraws – icy blue as in a frozen lake – stark, linear, snow, red berries, stark trees. Internal energy – no drama – innate energy – command the space
  • Kitchen diner – Autumn
  • Teal console

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