Getting to the bottom of scents in the home with Jo Glanville-Blackburn: Episode 015


Getting to the bottom of scents in the home with Jo Glanville-Blackburn

 Ever wondered why your candle always pools in the middle or why they send up smoke signals even before you blow them out? Well, todays guest shares all! 

 If you’re going to ask anyone about which scents work best in the home it’s got to be a beauty editor. Today’s guest has written countless features on fragrance. She knows her Chypre from her Fougère and has just launched her very own candle collection Just wait till she shares about blending the aromas and the effect they can have on your mood. Jo shares so much about the way we can improve our well being in this lively episode which was a pleasure to record. I learnt so much from Jo and only ever burn natural candles after this discussion. Have a listen and you’ll soon see why. 

Today’s guest 


You can find Jo GB Living here –


Insta:  @JoGBLiving

email: [email protected]


Jo GB’s beauty accounts


Insta: @JoGlanvilleBlackburn

YouTube: Jo GB



A few things we covered in this episode :


JOGB Living candles

GoJo – palmarosa, bergamot, a hint of ylang-ylang and frankincense

 SloJo -patchouli, lavender (of course) with geranium, cedarwood 

Mojo – sensual – Boudoir – Petiole pet u lee , Yland Ylan patchouli, lavender with geranium, cedarwood 


Three groups of scents 

Fougère–  pines, lavender, soft oriental, 

Oriental – vanilla, peach – fruity

Chypre– Woods – sandlewood, amber, masculine citrus

Candle tips

  1. Avoid synthetic candles
  2. Burn new candle for two hours – to avoid pooling
  3. Chose a scent to get you in the right mood – uplifting, relaxed,
  4. Natural candles won’t leave soot marks up the walls
  5. Candles with natural, cotton wicks are best.

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