What it’s like styling a photoshoot with Interior Designer Rukmini Patel. Podcast Episode 129


What it’s like styling a shoot with Interior Designer Rukmini Patel


Today’s episode is with my lovely Interior Designer friend Rukmini Patel. She shares all her work, the process, the moodboards, the samples and so much more on her Instagram feed but when she shared the behind the scenes of shooting one of her finished design projects I knew I had to have her on to have a chat.

This conversation first aired on an IGTV live so you will hear a few connection glitches but bare with it as Rukmini shares some really interesting insights from styling a shoot when you’re an Interior Designer.


Today’s guest is Rukmini Patel 


8 easy things I do succeed as an interior stylist

You can find her here –

Insta: @R

Website : EmmaMT 


A few things we covered in this episode :

  • Megan photographer –
  • Urban primitives – pottery
  • Golden triangle of styling
  • Rukmini’s highlights of boxes
  • Propping
  • Communication is key
  • Sharing expectations
  • The costs of shoots.
  • 2LG
  • Find Interior Stylists here
  • Find Interior stylist assistants here
  • The Fritz Fryer Panel discussion with Rukmini




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