Inside Stylist’s Favourite Shoots: EmmaMT for Talking Tables

Ask an Interior Stylist which is their favourite shoot and they’ll probably know straight away.

It’s the one where everything went smoothly. The props arrived on time, there was an industrial lift for big bits of furniture. The team were all on task, on time and happy? And the shots? Well, they just all looked fantastic from the get-go. The kind of shots you can’t wait to put on your website? Well, this is my favourite shoot.

Talking Tables Brochure Spring Summer
Talking Tables Brochure Spring Summer

These shots are some of my favourites from my portfolio.

They were taken for a Talking Tables Spring Summer brochure at the Depositary in Stamford Hill. Every time I shoot there I get told by my mum all about the area, as she grew up there – just up the road from Lord Alan Sugar (they went to the same school!) So, it’s a nice Jewish area which for me means one thing. Kosher salt beef sandwiches. Yes, that is the second thing I think of when I see these shots. We had kosher salt beef sandwiches for lunch. All of us sat around a table made of reclaimed wood enjoying them.

The main reason I love these shots so much is because I dream of living in an old warehouse – or at least a place with one floor- open plan living. The depositary has it all – Crittal windows, bare brick walls, creaking floorboards and just that old gnarly worn-out wood feeling that I resonate so well with.

The products were so pretty and delicate that they just worked perfectly with the roughness of the space. And if you ask me which is my favourite shot I reply “the ME shot” as seen above. That sums me up perfectly. A bit of pretty, girly, pinkness with a rough and ready exterior!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Talking Tables for allowing me to use our images throughout this website. I really appreciate your support.

Shoot Details

Stylist: EmmaMT
Photographer: Oliver Gordon
Shoot: Talking Tables S/S 14 brochure

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