From maternity leave to online interiors brand- how Tammy Gow set up Hunter and Co : Episode 28

From maternity leave to online interiors brand- how Tammy Gow set up  Hunter and Co

With a touch of Instagram stalking and a whole lot of hard work Tammy Gow’s hard work has made Hunter and Co the interiors brand to watch

What did you do three months into your maternity leave? Did you set up an interiors brand selling stunning homewares that are the epitome of ‘laid-back glam’? No, me neither! It was a good day if I got dressed and managed one load of washing, but that wasn’t the case with Tammy Gow of She set up her own brand with a collection of wantable interior accessories and created her own designs, traveling far and wide to find them. 

In this episode, Tammy shares how she got started and how she can help interior stylists get hold of some unique pieces for their shoots and features. If humble elegance and laid-back glam is what you’re looking for this is the interiors brand for you. 

Today’s guest

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A few topics covered in this episode

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