How to become an Interior Stylist with Pippa Jameson

So, you want to be an Interior Stylist?

We don’t blame you. It’s a fun, fulfilling, creative, challenging, and crazy career and you’ll be shooting Christmas on the hottest day of the year a roaring fire! Every year! But it’s also competitive, can be stressful and a slow career to get into but it’s totally worth it – as you’ll hear in the video below.

Our fabulous guest: Pippa Jameson

How to become an Interior Stylist
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Let me introduce Pippa Jameson to you. Pippa has been an Interior stylist for over 20 years. She’s worked on advertising, editorial, commercials and TV editorial and commercial shoots as well as art directed and presented on TV. If it’s within the Interior Stylist’s remit she’s done it. She’s also incredibly talented, organised (more on that in the video), and one of the most professional stylists around. She’s also really lovely. Just listening to how she talks about styling and how she sets up her work life is inspiring. She knows everything and she shares it all. Thank you Pippa x

Pippa is a member of Inside Stylists and you can find her profile here but to see EVERYTHING go check out her totally amazing website and blog and sign up to You can also find her on Instagram @PippaJameson   Go give her a follow.

How to become an Interior Stylist 

On another – but similar note!

I’ve added some links to blog posts and podcasts below that you may find useful in relation to starting your career in styling covering things like how to approach a stylist to request experience, the different between Interior Stylists and Designers and a Q&A Facebook live I did with Sara Bird a few years ago answering assistants questions. All good stuff.

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