What’s It REALLY Like Designing and Styling A Stand At The Chelsea Flower Show : Podcast Episode 128


The Inside Stylists podcast With Lucy Cox talk about building confidence

Claire Morgan and Dilly Orme on the Laura Ashley Stand at the Chelsea Flower Show


What’s it REALLY like Designing and Styling a stand At The Chelsea Flower Show

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design, create and style a huge stand at The Chelsea Flower Show? Yeah, me too. That’s why I’ve asked Interior Stylists (and Inside Stylist Members) Claire Morgan and Dilly Orme onto the podcast today to talk all about the whole process from initial concepts to the big – steel toe cap boot/ high viz jacket wearing 4-day set up.

With a ton of interior styling experience between them (I’m talking 40+ years!) They were the perfect pair to team up and create the massive 70th Birthday Celebration Laura Ashley stand that this year’s show.

I’m delighted to be chatting today with Dilly Orme and Claire Morgan

Today’s guests are 


You can find them here –

Claire Morgan


Dilly Orme

Find Claire’s Inside Stylists page here


Find Dilly’s Inside Stylists page here





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A few things we covered in this episode 

  • Laura Ashley
  • Dilly podcast
  • Holly and the Dragonfly
  • Judith Blackmore flower school
  • Members of Inside Stylists get notified of jobs. You can become a member too. Check out this page to find out more.
  • Set Builder Tim Warren
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • Need a festival trolley? Here’s a great one (affiliate link)
  • Paper Flowers made from Laura Ashley wallpaper
  • Flower trumpets were used to keep the flowers alive
  • Creating a flower recipe
  • Flowers used include Chysanthimaums asparagus fern ruskcus peonies


The Inside Stylists podcast shares insights into the styling industry. Today we talk about building confidence



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