Discover The Designers Guild Vibrant New Paint: Studio Tones will brighten up any day

Well hello, sunshine!

Designer’s Guild paint has taken on a purely happy vibe with their newest collection ‘Studio Tones’. Have you seen it? No, then go get your sunglasses and read on.

Brighten Your Space with Designers Guild Studio Tones

This beautiful collection brings together the finest quality paints with unmatched expertise in colour curation, allowing interior stylists and designers to express their unique style like never before. With a wide range of stunning shades and finishes, this uplifting paint range is set to brighten up the world of interiors.

The Nine New Studio Tones Paint Shades

Designers Guild Studio Tones: Colorful Inspiration for Your HomeDesigners Guild are not short of a paint colour or two… they now have a whopping 245 contemporary shades including neutrals, and muted palettes right through to out and out – sing it from the rooftops brights and we are soooo here for it. The vibrant shades are available in nine colours- just check out the paint name below. Perfect aren’t they?

  • ZINNIA NO. 191
  • PAPAYA NO. 189
  • MARIGOLD NO. 187
  • CITRINE NO. 185

You can pick up samples, colour card and shop the Designers’ Guild Paint from 

Designers Guild Studio Tones Paint CollectionWhat can you use the new Designers Guild Studio Tones to paint

In a word ANYTHING. All the paint colours are available in four finishes –
• Perfect Matt Emulsion
• Perfect Eggshell
• Perfect Floor paint
• Perfect Masonry paint

I used the perfect matt emulsion to paint the books for this blog post. I’ve been painting books for photo shoot props for years. The paint all went on really well. I wish I had pre-primed them before I started as trying to paint a bright and happy Citrine yellow over a very dark grey took a few coats but then it would wouldn’t it?Discover Vibrant Paint Colors from Designers Guild

The Evolution of Uplifting Colour Collections

If you’ve been a follower of interior paint collections over the past few years you’ll know that the trend for soft earth tones and muted – dare I say it – dull and ‘safe’ colours has been the norm. Back during lockdown when people wanted to be uplifted any ‘Colour of the Year” launch that wasn’t a happy vibe was literally lambasted across social media. Interior fans hated it. “We want to be cheered up” was the chant heard across the land.

Roll on a few years (with more freedom to leave our houses + the Instagram affect) and we are now looking for ways to be more creative in our homes. People want to stand out from the crowd. Make their mark. Be unique and not keep up with the Joneses and that comes down to colour.

The Psychology of colour

Another more obvious benefit of choosing uplifting shades like these Designers Guild new Studio tones is that we are so much happier when we’re surrounded by colours that lift us. For me that might be blue, for you, it might be green, for my daughter Darcey – who wouldn’t sit on the toilet at nursery because it wasn’t pink – and is now 17, wears makeup and false eyelashes and fell head over heels in love with the Japanese Meadowsweet hue the moment she saw the painted luggage labels, it’s ALWAYS pink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the fashion you wear or the colours of your home, when you surround yourself with shades that work for you – or are your season, you’ll be much happier.

If you’d like to learn more about colour psychology I highly recommend listening to our podcast with colour psychologist Karen Haller and getting hold of her book- The Little Book of Colour (☜Amazon affiliate link). You’ll learn a ton about how colour affects us daily. Karen has just launched an online course about “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Colour Trends which you can find here. I’m working through it now. It’s fab.

Create a Cheerful Atmosphere with Designers Guild Studio Tones PaintEco credentials

I’m not one to share a paint that doesn’t have an outstanding green conscious so you know that Designer’s Guild paint is going to be good for you, your home and the planet. It’s water-based, vegan and has low-VOCs (Volatile organic compounds, that contribute to atmospheric pollution), making them virtually solvent-free. Your brushes and rollers can be cleaned without chemicals.

The paint is great at coverage. There’s no need for the dreaded three coats with this paint. Their paint offers “excellent coverage, adhesion and flow, meaning fewer coats are needed when compared with other premium paints.”

What’s more the air miles are zero as all their paints are manufactured in the UK. The paint tins are made using 50% recycled steel and the packaging is made using recycled materials, that can be used again.

That’s a big thumbs up from us Insiders.


Match made in heaven

If you want to add some pattern to your room or design check out the floral and striped fabric and wallpaper designs that Designer’s Guild are best known for. We love the way Designers Guild can take a floral and make a version that is so modern and inspiring you’ll struggle to choose one design.

We’re pretty taken with any of their stock linen, cotton and outdoor fabrics. Find them here  or in Store.

Get Inspired by Designers Guild Studio Tones

To find out more visit Click Here


Read more about the Colour of the Year Trends here ? 


Thank you to Designers Guild for providing me with press samples of the new Studio Tones paint collection. It’s much appreciated. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you for your support 

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