Talking all things Christmas with Dani Taylor, Creative and Product Director of Cox and Cox. Podcast episode #114

Do you know anyone who loves Christmas as much as Dani Taylor, Creative and product director at Cox and Cox?

In a word – No, you don’t!

Cox & Cox is one of the biggest interior success stories around. What started out as a mail-order catalogue soon adapted to the online presence we know and love today. The brand started from a desire to create a unique collection of homeware products that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Customers are encouraged to find their own style and to love every corner of their home.

Based in Frome, Somerset, all of their products are chosen with the customer in mind and that includes the “C” word – Christmas!

Today I have the pleasure of talking with the Cox & Cox Product & Creative Director Dani Taylor


Today’s guest is Dani Taylor 

Talking all things Christmas with Cox and Cox


You can find her here –

Insta: @CoxandCox 

Website :

A few things we covered in this episode :



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