12 productive things freelancers can do during the dreaded downtime: Podcast Episode 076



12 things freelancers can do during downtime : Podcast episode 76

12 productive things freelancers can do during the dreaded downtime

Don’t get down. Get busy.

Don’t get down when work is slow and you’ve nothing in the diary. Downtime is so essential and can be a really productive time. It’s important to get perspective and enjoy your quiet periods as much as it is the money rolling in. See how in today’s episode.

A few things we covered in this episode :

  1. Take some time out to do something you love.
  2. Keep ahead of trends and designs.
  3. Get out and about
  4. Update your Inside Stylists profile/website, LinkedIn/Instagram?Facebook profiles 
  5. Connect with past clients 
  6. Get outdoors -like literally 
  7. Go for coffee
  8. Update your rate card.  Rate Card Podcast Episode 046
  9. Learn something new
  10. Do your tax return
  11. Get organised
  12. Tidy your swatch /prop/bookshelves


Listen to this weeks episode here or click on iTunes 

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