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  • Each profile has a logo image and a cover image. You can use any image you choose but we highly encourage you to use your logo on the profile. It makes it easy to spot a brand instantly.
  • The cover art dimensions are 1070 x 275px. You can edit your image on, to create a made to measure fit.
  • Each portfolio can have up to 100mb of space in total.
  • PDFs aren’t compatible with the image gallery-sorry, so you’ll need to convert them first. This is really easy to do and free if you use a website like 
  • Once you’ve completed your profile the admins here at will verify your details. Your profile won’t go live till you’ve been verified. This can take up to  24 hours. If you haven’t been verified after 24 hours please drop us a line and let us know so we can sort that out for you.
  • InisdeStylists takes no responsibility for the use of images featured on brand member’s profile so please double check you have permission to share your shots. For more details please here read the terms and conditions

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