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Hi there, I’m Danniella.

I’ve finally taken the plunge and changed careers to be a freelance Assistant Stylist having worked in the music industry for 15 years.

Now, music to interiors I bet you’re wondering! But in my role as an Account Director working with brands and artists on music campaigns, I’ve project managed events (logistics, securing locations, budget management etc), taken briefs and pitched to clients, worked extensively across video and photographic shoots and TV production (short form). So I very much understand the joys (and pain!) of working long hours on set, tight deadlines, client management and all the project management work required pre and post to make a project a success.

As for direct styling experience I’ve worked with Jennifer Haslam on a couple of shoots for House Beautiful Magazine and with an events company styling weddings and corporate social events. I recently completed Lucy Goughs Interior Styling online course, as well as Interior Styling courses at KLC and UAL, topped off with a one day Abigail Ahern design workshop. I’m also renovating my house from an 80’s pattern disaster to something hopefully resembling a nice place to live!

I’d describe myself as a colour/pattern enthusiast (which you wouldn’t know from my wardrobe as I mostly wear black!) who loves mixing vintage and modern styles. I’m very much open to the many areas of styling ie Commercial, editorial, event, still life, prop styling and tv/set design. My brain is a mixture of high level organisation (send all your Excels sheets my way!) and the need to be creative. Happy to roll up my sleeves and carry the boxes and keep morale high by making a mean coffee with free delivery included.

I’m based in Bromley, South London so very close to central London. Happy to travel, have a car and clean license to boot.

I realise I’m just starting my styling journey but am hoping my slightly unconventional experience can help you with your shoots/projects!

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together.


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