Interior Trends: Tear sheets from 2023 so far.


We love a good tearsheet*. Don’t you?

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When you work within the editorial and commercial styling and writing world you get a lot of press releases. And I mean A LOT! And that means a lot of inspiration.

Whether it’s the COTY (aka Colour of the Year), the newest lighting, the latest furniture, brand-new fabric and wallpaper collections, or innovations in home tech, we see it all and usually months ahead of it hitting the shops.

We never know when we’re going to need a product for a shoot or feature or when we’ll need expert comment on something so our inboxes are like a Google search engine. And that’s where this feature idea came from. We are the Insiders with insight so here’s the first of our Insider’s Insight blog posts where we share what we’ve recently seen in our inboxes.

Tearsheets at the ready!

Interior Trends we’ve already seen in 2023

Trends are such a cliché and if you talk to any interior designers they’ll say that they aren’t important in their world but they are in ours. Want to know why? It’s because our readers are always looking for what’s new to inspire their homes and the trends are what’s available in the shops and therefore for us to feature so we’re always keeping our eyes out to find the latest ‘big thing’.

These trends are what have been bubbling around recently. If you see something in your inbox a few times you know it’s going to be a popular trend moving forwards, so in no particular order here are our top choices.

Ban overhead lights

There’s an Instagram audio trend that says “In our house, we never, ever, ever, ever, EVER! use the overhead lights” and I can see why it’s gained so many uses on the platform. Overhead lighting can be unforgiving but wall lights, table, and floor lamps create a beautiful atmosphere- especially during a dark and dreary, wet January!

(on a side note if Mr MT sees this – yes I still want the chandelier and I won’t stop talking about it!)

Big bold patterns

They’re everywhere from fabrics and wallpapers to cushions and sofas and we’re here for it. Nothing makes a shoot look better than a big BOLD impactful pattern- like these…


Trims galore

Last year at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre there were tons of the most gorgeous and elaborate trims on display. More than I have ever seen before so I knew they were making a comeback. We’ve seen long fringing being added to the skirts of sofas and armchairs so it was only to be expected that trims on everthing was next. I’m all for trimmings. Tassels are what got me into Interior Styling in the first place. The bigger the better!

Warming colours

Think Pantone’s Viva Magenta and sun-drenched terracottas. Anything that will give you a warm and cosy feeling. The colour of the year always has a ton of meaning in it and for the past few years (you know – due to the big C) we are all wanted to feel more homely, nutured and coccooned. Safe in our spaces. The colours we choose to surround ourselves with will do that.

We did a whole feature on Viva Magenta but here’s some more warming inspo.


Playful designs

You know that thing when you buy a red car and then all you  see is red cars? Well, that’s what I thought was happening with playful wallpaper designs recently. I am in the midst of a bathroom update – we’re doing it all ourselves and I spent most of the Christmas break learning how to plaster walls (turns out its lots of fun and lots of mess!) Anyway, we are putting up Divine Savages Dinosaur wallpaper in there. All of a sudden everyone seems to have big bold patterned wallpapers in their bathrooms. I’m not saying I’m a trend-setting but….. Only kidding. It will be months before our bathroom is finished and the trend will be well out there by then.

Here’s what’s caught my eye. Which would you choose?


7. Fun and fabulous collaborations

Oh my word! This in truth has been growing since last year but if I don’t receive a press release with a collaboration in it everyday then my name is not EmmaMT! This joining of incredible talents is super impressive. Who wouldn’t want their favorite cartoon dog on their fridge? There’s so many fun, stylish, clever, and very impactful collaborations out there I can’t wait to see what’s next.

8.Y2K aesthetic

I have teenage daugherlings and they use the word Aesthetic to describe their clothing style and now it’s reached interiors too. Y2K Aesthetic is obviously taking a ton of inspiration from the 2000’s. Think bright neon colours and shiny surfaces mixed with fun, modern and super comfy styles. “Newstalgia” to my teens is new and fun. To me it’s a blast from the past with lava lamps, irregular shaped rugs, coloured concrete. I may have to draw the line at inflatable sofas but my kids would love them.

Again, this vibe has been creeping in since last year, but it’s now hitting the high street with speed so experimentation is rife and that’s as it should be. Fun. See?



Just in case you don’t know- Tearsheets are pages of magazines that interior stylists rip out and keep as they’re inspiring or have a brand or product we want to remember. THIS is why magazines are so loved. Pure inspo! I defy you to find an interior stylist who doesn’t have a huge stash of tear sheets within reach of their Mac.

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