How to style a christmas tree like the magazines do

How to style a Christmas tree like the magazines do

Earlier this year I launched a short online course “Christmas styling for brands”. It came about after I was asked to be a guest on a Press Loft webinar about the same topic. There was so much need for small brands to create the kind of images that we need to be able to feature in magazines but some companies were missing the mark.

The online course is full of ways to set up shots, get the composition and lighting right, how to “cheat” at Christmas – especially in July and so much more. You can see the whole course here.


Part of the course had to be about the main event – the Christmas tree and this is the video I created to show how I style Christmas trees for shoots. It has how I add lights -so they can be whipped off quickly afterwards, how I use an ‘S-shaped wire to hang baubles and I talk through my thinking of why I add decorations in the way I do (hint it’s all about getting that perfect shot to sell that gorgeous product).

I must give a big shout-out to Cox and Cox and say thank you for the loan of the beautiful Young pine pre-lit Christmas tree. It’s a stunner and really made the shots look brilliant. Thanks you guys.

You can see the lesson right here, just click on the image below.

And if you’re interested in learning about interior styling be sure to check out our other courses – Inside Stylists on line courses can be found here 

How to style a Christmas tree like an interior stylist

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