How to sign up to Inside Stylists as a complete beginner

How to sign up to Inside stylists as a beginner

How to sign up to Inside Stylists as a complete beginner

The nuts and bolds

If you’ve read the last blog post (Why we’re not intimidating) you’ll understand that Inside Stylists is all about community and raising each other up. But if you’re still nervous and not sure you’ll fit in let me put your mind at rest. Here’s how it works…

How it all works from the bottom up.

1.You have no experience

Of course you don’t. We all started where you are now. You might be straight out of Uni or have done an online styling course. You may even be starting out as an Interior Designer or Architect and want to know how to put the finishing touches on a space and styling experience is THE only way to really learn that. If that’s the case you’re in the right place.

2. How do the profile pages work?
The way the profile pages work on Inside Stylists is this…

Interior Stylists must show that they have been the lead stylist on at least four shoots  (commercial or editorial) before they can have a profile on the stylist’s page.

Interior Writers need to have been published in an editorial publication (newspaper or magazine) and/or have written for brands in a professional capacity at least four times before they can be listed on the Writers profile pages.

Both Interior Stylist and Writer members are verified before their profile pages go live. This is so any brands, prs, editors or anyone else who wants to hire directly from the Inside Stylists profile pages can have the confidence in knowing they are hiring someone who can confidently carry out the feature they’re being asked to do.

Assistants. If someone signs up to become a member but doesn’t have the relevant experience yet they can still become a member and be listed on the Assistants profile page. The new member can share all their experience in their bio so new clients can see what they’re all about and why they should be hired.

As soon as the member reaches those four vital features/shoots all they need to do is drop us a line ([email protected]) and we can flip a switch and move you across to the relevant page.

3. How do I get experience if I’m totally new

Most new assistants create their profile page on Inside Stylists sharing as much detail about why they are looking to become an Interior Stylist and what experience they have if any.

As soon as they’ve helped out on a shoot it’s always advised that they name drop who they worked with. Interior Styling is a very close-knit group and we all know each other. If you want to get booked to help on a shoot and you’ve mentioned a stylist we know we are very likely to give them a call to get a recommendation.

As well as stylists looking for assistants there are also pr’s and editors who look for help with shoots, events, window displays and help with social media videos and posts.

Assistants can also share that they are available for assisting roles within the member’s only Facebook group. The Facebook group is where Interior Stylists mainly do shout-outs for last-minute assistants to help on photoshoots.

Either way, having your profile page set up with all your contact details, links to social media accounts and a great bio is the easiest way for someone to see if you’re a good fit. 

4. Ok, I’m in. What do I need to do

Signing up is pretty simple. Head over to this page SIGN UP HERE and you’ll see all the benefits of becoming an Inside Stylists member.

At the bottom is a form where you can create an account. All you need is your email address, payment card and choose a username.  You can choose to pay monthly with no tie in, or annually.

5. How long till my profile page is live

This all depends on you. Once you’ve subscribed you will be a member. You’ll be directed to a page where you can add all your contact details, bio, and examples of any styled shots you’ve done.

Once your page has at least your headshot, contact details and a bio the team will verify your account. Without those details, it will sit in limbo. You’ll get a reminder to complete your profile page after a week as if there’s no profile page you won’t be seen. 

6. How do I get to the top of the profile pages

This is the fun bit. There’s no hierarchy here at Inside Stylists. In order to keep this as fair as possible. The website is set up to push your profile to the top every time you sign in to your profile. So whether you’re editing your details, reading a blog post, listening to a podcast or viewing member-only content your headshot will go to the top.

That’s it. Pretty simple stuff but if you still have questions about signing up drop us a line. We’re here to help and we’re really friendly. 

Emma morton-turner

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