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6 Ways to to Be An Awesome Assistant Interior Stylist

Are you just starting out in the world of interior styling? We’ll tell you all you need to know to be an awesome assistant. By Claire Parkin Let me tell you a secret. I wish I had taken the plunge and become an assistant sty ...

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Talking all things Christmas with Cox and Cox

Talking all things Christmas with Dani Taylor, Creative and Product Director of Cox and Cox. Podcast episode #114

Do you know anyone who loves Christmas as much as Dani Taylor, Creative and product director at Cox and Cox? In a word – No, you don’t! Cox & Cox is one of the biggest interior success stories around. What started ...

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Lifestyle flat lay of a Mac laptop computer, glasses and some pink flowers

8 Interior Stylist’s Blogs you’ll love :Part Two

by Claire Parkin  Want to peep behind the curtains of Interior Stylists lives? This is how If I told you that I knew a way for you to have access to some of the top interior stylists in the industry, almost like going into their ...

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5 Trends We’re Buying Into This Christmas

  The Inside Stylists gift guide is back! We’ve got 21 gift ideas to keep your festive shopping on track and on trend. As you know, we’re always seeing what’s hitting the shops ahead of time and we see all thing ...

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10 things I wish I knew before I became an Interior Stylist

I’ve learned so much in the many years I’ve been an Interior Stylist and writer. That knowledge grew exponentially when I went freelance. Freelancedom just opens up the interiors world to so many new experiences. Last month I ...

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So you think Inside Stylists is scary? Here’s why it’s not!

We’re not intimidating Last week I was told that someone was nervous to talk to me. ME! Friendly, bubbly, a little bit over-excitable me! They wanted to join Inside Stylists but as a recent student of interior design with no sty ...

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Interiors blogs by the experts

10 Fabulous Interiors Blogs that you need to be following! Part 1.

We’ve collated 10 of the best interiors blogs you need to know about (& be reading)! You’ll never be stuck for inspiration again… If you’ve been reading blogs for a while, then you probably remember the ...

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Mood boarding Monday on Inside Stylists

Much more than just our Monthly Moodboarding Monday

Much more than just our Monthly Moodboarding Monday We’ve got so many brilliant mood boards to share that we can’t choose a favourite. Can you?  As you know, we love to share all the fabulous new things we find here a ...

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Mood boarding Monday on Inside Stylists

Much more than just our Monthly Moodboarding Monday: Member’s edition

You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password ...

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Selection of pastel paints for room decoraing when painting a room

Inspiring moodboards for room decorating

Mood boarding Mondays It’s back! Pull up a chair and get ready to be inspired by this month’s round up of mood boards! Welcome to the March edition of Mood boarding Mondays. Here you’ll find the weekly mood board ...

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