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Art for the soul

Art for the soul … and your photoshoots. Chat with artist Kerry Hussain

Art for the soul … and your photoshoots There’s something really fun about choosing art for a photoshoot. You need the look to be right, the style to be spot on but have you ever thought about the “feel” of ...

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Artist podcast

Talking all things Art with artist Lizzie Owen. Podcast episode #112

Talking all things art with artist Lizzie Owen Today’s guest is an artist who was born and raised on a farm in Staffordshire. She moved to study Fashion Design in London, then worked in PR for top British Fashion and Interi ...

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Lifestyle flat lay of a Mac laptop computer, glasses and some pink flowers

8 Interior Stylist’s Blogs you’ll love :Part Two

by Claire Parkin  Want to peep behind the curtains of Interior Stylists lives? This is how If I told you that I knew a way for you to have access to some of the top interior stylists in the industry, almost like going into their ...

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Interiors blogs by the experts

10 Fabulous Interiors Blogs that you need to be following! Part 1.

We’ve collated 10 of the best interiors blogs you need to know about (& be reading)! You’ll never be stuck for inspiration again… If you’ve been reading blogs for a while, then you probably remember the ...

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Episode 100. The top ten

We’re Celebrating 100 episodes of The Inside Stylists Podcast 100 episodes of Interior styling, design, business and brands chat. It seems to have gone by in a flash but here we are at episode 100 of The Inside Stylists Podc ...

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The Inside Stylists Podcast with Kerry Hussain

Talking styling, home staging and creating art with Kerry Hussain: Podcast Episode 92

When it comes to being multi-disciplined Kerry has it perfected. Today’s guest is a multi-talented stylist and artist. She’s worked in all areas of styling from editorial to commercial but her expertise and passion lie ...

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Still got presents to get? We’ve got your back with over 40 great last minute ideas!

Feature : EmmaMT & Claire Parkin It’s not too late to get your presents all wrapped up and still have time to bake! How many times have I said I’ll get all my Christmas gifting bought and wrapped by 1st December? A ...

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Art for Stylists

Hand’s up who wants art for Christmas?

Want a discount? You know when you hear about something soooo delicious that you just can’t wait to share it? Well, this is that post! The very lovely artist Emma Tweedie, who we interviewed on Inside Stylists here and is al ...

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Spotlight on… Artist Lizzie Owen

Spotlight on… Artist Lizzie Owen       How did you come to be an artist From a very early age, drawing was my escape throughout my childhood within a quiet, rural farm life. My head was always in the clouds and I ...

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A snippet of The Inside Stylist Art Directory: Fabulous artists you can use for editorial and commerical shoots right now!

Fabulous artists you can use for editorial and commercial shoots right now! It’s a relatively new problem – finding art to include in your shoots that has copyright-free usage. Well, these artists should be able to hel ...

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