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I’m Nicola AKA creator of Style & Sauce.

I have recently moved into the interior styling World having worked as a Record label Producer and Coordination Manager for the past 12 years. My previous career involved me being insanely organised, whether I was arranging a recording session for an Internationally acclaimed artist, or managing a whole A&R team, or collecting assets for a huge release, I have plenty of experience in working within a complex and ever-changing work environment.

I have loved my job, but it’s not my passion. My passion is interiors. I love them. I love beautiful things. I love colour, fabrics and textiles, texture, antiques, flowers, light, simplicity mixed in with raw creativity. I’ve renovated and styled 2 homes in the past few years and feel I’ve got a great eye for what works. I just seem to be able to feel it when it works – and when it doesn’t. BUT I know that doesn’t make me a stylist so I’m starting my quest to make it happen.

I’m very hardworking, have lots of common sense, and am very motivated to build my way up and get whatever experience I can in the Styling World. I recently assisted on a John Lewis shoot for legendary Stylist Lucy Gough. I assisted on all aspects of the shoot; organising and categorising the props, helping to manage the lifters and working with the set builder to achieve what the Stylist, Art Director and Photographer wanted. I worked with the in-house Producers to help coordinate the various setups over the week-long shoot, and, alongside Lucy even helped dress and style the shots. It was a busy shoot with lots of moving parts, but I remained focused on what we needed to achieve and believe I managed to be a good support Lucy and the rest of the creative team. And of course, I made lots of cups of tea and finally learned how to use a cafetiere…! I had great feedback and am looking forward to my next shoot with Lucy.

I’m now looking for more Assisting or Intern work and am really looking forward to being involved in some beautiful and inspiring projects.

N xx

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