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Hello, I’m Kasia. Thank you for visiting my profile, I’m very excited to be part of this fantastic community!


I’m relatively new to this industry but since completing Lucy Gough’s styling course early this year and deciding to go freelance this summer I’ve already managed to gain hands on experience on set. In July I assisted on a 4-day shoot for Furniture Village campaign with Lucy and most recently I’ve worked with the lovely Hannah Simmons on the shoot for a paint company – Graphenstone. Both opportunities have provided me with a good understanding of what’s expected and needed to make everyone’s use of time on set as effective as it can be, at the same time utilising the skillset gained in my previous role as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world. 


I’m currently available for more work opportunities and would love to help out in any way to ensure that your shoot production runs smoothly. I’m based just outside of London but willing to travel to get as much experience as possible.


Here are some key skills I bring to the table:


Qualifications/Practical Skills:

Courses: Lucy Gough’s ‘Learn how to become a professional Interior Stylist’ (completed); KLC’s Online Certificate Residential Interior Design (in progress)

Practical: designed and renovated my own house; I lived onsite during every phase of the construction (with no heating at some stage…such joy!) learning loads about the design process and sourcing on a near-zero budget – this was also the time I realised that aspirational images of interiors are not just there to be ‘pretty’ but can in fact sustain you in the darkest moments of a construction phase, fuelling the very much needed vision and excitement.


Organisational expertise:

I’ve got 15 years corporate experience in managing complex schedules, travel arrangements and admin processes with a high attention to detail and within tight deadlines.


Event/Project management:

Organised small and large scale events: leadership conferences, business reviews, offsite meetings and team building activities; Tasks included: researching venues/locations; negotiating contract terms/pricing agreements; budget management; sourcing vendors, gifts and props; dealing with all on-site and transport logistics – all whilst keeping calm under pressure and bringing fun to the proceedings!



Built and maintained strong support networks and relationships to oversee logistics remotely; used to working with teams spread across multiple geographies and with people at every level within the org as well as external stakeholders.


Problem Solving/Resourcefulness:

Often asked to ‘pull off the impossible’ or ‘make the magic happen’ so thinking on my feet has became an essential skill; I’m used to dealing with curveballs, adapting quickly to the unexpected while trying to anticipate any issues before they become full–blown problems.


I look forward to connecting and learning more how I can assist you!

Kasia x







































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